The Trayvon Martin Case

Published March 25, 2012 by lorijss

Watch captain fatally shots unarmed teen in Florida. This is truly a tragedy, having two brothers myself, who are young black males, ages 18 and 23. I fear for the life of any innocent young black male in this country. The so-called watch captain should be jailed for life, this kid was unarmed, this cannot be seen as self-defense, but seen as the dangers of allowing fear to cripple one’s life and one’s outlook on things. Racial profiling is a fatal mixture of  racism, fear and ignorance. Racial profiling is dangerous and should not be taken lightly because this is the core cause of the mistreatment and injustice of the young black male in this society. It wasn’t the young black male that was dangerous. Fear itself is dangerous, it was the fear that the watchman had that was dangerous. In this case, fear itself is dangerous to your well being and to that of those around you. What could a kid possibly do to a grown 28 year old male? Everything that the watch-captain says about this tragic incident should be questioned, for dead young black males tell NO TALES. It breaks my heart to know that racial-profiling against young black males constitutes a thin line between life and death for young black males in this society.  Trayvon Martin was racially-profiled and this lead to him being killed, this is a very sad tragedy indeed. The gunning down of young black males that are unarmed is a horrific trend that needs to be dealt with promptly for this is 2012 why are these things so common as if it were the 1950’s and 60’s and prior to that time period? The fear of young black males in society is very irrational, it is a fear the stems from the dominant white American ideology that has been passed down from generation to generation through the process of socialization. Yes one can be socialized to fear young black males, racial profiling, and stereotypical prejudice has its roots in fear and ignorance. This fear of the young black male is dangerous not to the people that harbor these fears, but to young black males themselves. This society is far away from achieving Martin Luther king’s dream where one would be judged by the content of our character and not the color of our skin. It breaks my heart when they released the watchman, named Zimmerman, as if to say oh it was just another young black male that died, it happens  all the time, everyday, every second of everyday. The continued degradation of the young black male’s life is evident when they released the watchman as if to say he did nothing wrong. There is no doubt that Trayvon Martin did not have to die, just because some idiot with a racist stereotype of the young black male, came up to Trayvon Martin out of nowhere, started getting physical and aggressive with him, holding him down on the ground, it’s not like this idiot was a cop or anything. Trayvon Martin was the one who was acting in self-defense, not that brainless watchman. The kid did not know that Zimmerman was a watchman, especially since he had no uniform on, had no idea what this watchman(who was a complete stranger to Trayvon Martin) was going to do to him. Again, the kid did not know that the watchman WAS A watchman. In addition to that, the kid might have thought he was a rapist, kidnapper or a robber, the kid didn’t know what this complete stranger was going to do to him, or why the stranger was acting this way towards him, the kid was trying to defend himself.  This self-proclaimed watchman had no business drawing his gun unless Trayvon Martin drew a gun. If his fear was that profound maybe he should not be appointing himself a watchman in the first place. As a watchman he was not trained in when to draw a gun, and how to draw a gun fast, so he recklessly drew a gun while drowning in imagination and irrational fear.

This watchman must have been WATCHING too much TV, see how the young black male is demonized and dehumanized by the media, one should not allow the media to allow fear to govern our lives.  Fear coupled with a weapon is an extremely dangerous thing and Zimmerman’s actions were cowardly. This was an unnecessary use of deadly force, Zimmerman had multiple options and each option he made was just based on his own irrational fears in addition to being brainless. His last option could have been to shoot in the foot, not to shoot the child to death, this is unnecessary homicide and negligence. There is no doubt that the watchman was just plain racist and prejudiced, maybe he just hated all young black males. This incident is all about race, race is the primary focus. He is just a 17 year old kid, UNARMED, didn’t know what to do, didn’t know why Zimmerman, who was a stranger to him, was getting physical with him and throwing himself on him, he was fighting for his life. Perhaps Zimmerman was trying to hold Trayvon down on the ground until the cops came, still he was in no position to do that. Trayvon was trying to defend himself, but his fists were no match for the weapon. We are socially conditioned to respond to the police it’s not like this watchman was a police. Zimmerman was trying to play hero like in the movies, well this is real life. I bet this self-professed watchman, after shooting the innocent unarmed Trayvon Martin was hoping that he had a gun on him only to find that it was only a bag of skittles. One has to wonder if Trayvon Martin was a white male would he have faced the same fate, or if he were an Asian male? Imagine how the kid’s parents must feel, his family members and friends. Condolences to his family and friends, justice must be served. Trayton Martin’s family’s attorneys has a lot of strong arguments that they can make, I believe this can make a good case.  My sincere hope is that this watchman serves a very long jail time preferably life. I will  be following this case like a hawk.

RIP Trayvon Martin

Attorneys in Trayvon Martin case make arguments


4 comments on “The Trayvon Martin Case

  • You wrote: “There is no doubt that the watchman was just plain racist and prejudiced, maybe he just hated all young black males.”

    Me: Really? Zimmerman is racist and prejudiced? Is that why he tutored young kids many of whom were black?

    You commented on my blog post about this but I am not sure you read it. We shouldn’t be quick to make judgements because nobody knows exactly what happened that night and that includes you.

    Travis (

    • Zimmerman is indeed racist and tutoring black kids does not mean he doesn’t have subconscious prejudices against black male bodies. Especially black male bodies with hoodies on. Even if most of the robberies that went on in the neighborhood were in fact by black males that should not affect how he sees black males walking in the neighborhood. Each black male is DIFFERENT than the other, each his own story, each his own path. Not seeing this was dangerous to innocent black males, like Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman inability to see all black males as DIFFERENT is him stereotyping and/or racially profiling the black male. When a person acts upon their stereotypes then this is prejudice. Stereotypes that leads to prejudices is racial profiling. So yes Zimmerman has his prejudices.

      He shot the unarmed teenager to death, this is the FACT. We can disagree but the facts remain the same.

      No one is making any more judgments than Zimmerman already did, and his brainless judgment of Trayvon Martin led to his tragic death. Trayvon Martin did not have to die, Zimmerman could have handled the situation one thousand times better. If you look at the video taken 30 minutes after the incident, Zimmerman is walking normal and looks fine, there is no evidence to prove that he had to use deadly force. I strongly believe that that dude is going to be arrested soon. The fact that Trayvon Martin was killed leaves room for a lot of debate and discussion for “dead men tell no tales.” For the record, “it’s hard to see racism when you’re white.”

  • Good post but I just have a couple of comments. My understanding is Zimmerman was not officially a neighborhood watch captain–he was self-appointed and maybe some of the residents he was friendly with just let him do it.

    Zimmerman had a long history of calling 911 about black males lurking about the gated grounds. He’s a profiler from way back. There were a lot of break-ins and thefts in that complex and to Zimmerman, every single burglar was black.

    • Thank you so much for reading and clarifying some of the things I wrote. It’s looks like racial-profiling in Zimmerman’s case is something that he has always been doing for no reason and it was embedded in his psych. Nothing good ever comes out of racial-profiling. Thanks for commenting! Please come again soon.

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