Slave Game Alleged At Gwinnett Elementary School

Published March 3, 2012 by lorijss

Slave Game Alleged At Gwinnett Elementary School

Slavery is just one of those things that stand out in the history of the Americas. It could be possible that the children were influenced by what they learned in their history class enough to incorporate that in the tag-like game that they were playing. Or it could be that the educator him or herself did not know the implications for allowing or instigating a game like this to be played among the children. In other words the educator was ignorant of how insulting it would have been to the children’s parents. Perhaps maybe the educator was there is no other word, a color-blind racist. The good thing that came out of this though is that the school has implemented a diversity program hopefully that will have  an effect on the teachers and then in turn have a positive effect on the students.

In the above video the school district launches an investigation into the controversial Math problem about “slaves.” This  shows the subtle ways in which racism is perpetrated in our society to this day in the 21st century. Slavery is put into a word game in a math work sheet for children is just one of many shocking things that perpetrate the notion of racism in society despite the ideal that American society is trying to move away from this. I know this news article is old but no matter it is shocking.


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