Take responsibility for your financial situation

Published January 31, 2012 by lorijss

“Oh we’ve been through the worst… the joy it brings and the sorrow…oh it was worth it, it was worth it…I’ve been robbed, stabbed, shot, locked up and released then locked up back…looking back my life was really filled with flaws, moving in the fast lane with no time to pause. I was living life on the fast lane, like a train on the track, use me as the perfect example, look at me and where I’m at…” -Buju Banton

One of the most fearful things that people have to come to terms with in life, is taking full financial responsibility. Blaming others for your financial situation seems like an easy thing to do but ultimately if you want to get out of the financial hell that you are currently in you have to take responsibility for it. Every moment you spend blaming others or the system is time wasted, you have to instead do something about it, in spite of it all. Whatever you do about it has to be geared towards making the lives of others better and in the process making your own life better. Let’s say the financial situation is to be blamed on those that you have around you or those that are in your life. It is your responsibility to drop those people out of your life if you feel all they do is make your financial situation like hell, make whatever wise choice that fits your circumstance. Not saying that it is going to be easy but whatever obstacles you have to face will be worth it in the end when all your hard work and perseverance pays off and you look back and say oh I am so glad I did this and oh I am so glad I did that…etc. If you have been robbed by selfish criminals that have nothing else better to do because at one point they have given up and gave in, it’s ok you will blame these criminals, curse them and wish ills upon them because their unwise decision has affected you in a negative manner. But your ultimate and most effective choice sooner or later is to keep it moving, brush that dirt off your shoulders and move on. My dad has been in numerous situations like this in Jamaica so far he has had 5 vehicles stolen from him throughout his life, no matter how hard he tries to make sure that another vehicle doesn’t get stolen, criminals always find away to steal it. The thing about people that rob others they have refused to take responsibility for their financial situation(for whatever reasons) by robbing someone they are trying to force that responsibility for their financial situation on someone else. This is how Jamaica is crime is the number one problem in the country it affects everyone no matter where you live, it will affect you on a personal and professional level. It’s mostly due to political and economical reasons anyway but that is besides the point I am making in this post. If you live in Jamaica crime will personally affect your life because you can follow society’s “rules” and of course there are going to be others that break these “rules” and selfishly to take something that you’ve worked hard for, all in one night. I can list countless obstacles that my dad as faced while living all his life in a third world country such as Jamaica. Things like this are pretty normal in third world countries more so in Jamaica than most other third world countries, Haiti is economically poorer than Jamaica but Jamaica has higher crime rate.. Anyway because of my dad’s strength and perseverance he is still able to look at the brighter side of life his children are a source of motivation and hope for him. You have to step up the ladder you have to take large steps concerning your life; don’t let unfortunate circumstances of the past prevent you from moving on into the future. Remember you create your own destiny; destiny isn’t one of those things that are written in the stars. Destiny isn’t one of those things where some people are meant to be this and that, but unfortunately, not you. Destiny isn’t given to some people and denied to others. Destiny is created by each and every individual, you see people creating their destinies everyday so can you, all you have to do is believe. Believe in yourself believe in others,(family members, loved ones etc) trust the universe, trust yourself and most importantly, trust God. Believe that human beings are going to make it, mankind is going to make it and you’re going to play a role in making that happen. Don’t ever think that the role you play is too small and wouldn’t make a difference it makes all the difference in your own life and in the lives of others. It makes all the difference in the world, if you believe that it will it will.

My mother recently paid down over $100,000 dollars on a house, she foolishly and weakly decided to not bother buying the house, so she basically watched her money go down the drain. That could easily have been used to fund my brother and I’s college education but because of how long she has been putting her own foolish interest ahead of her own children then that’s what it is. Now the reason I have never brought this up is because that’s who she is that’s what I am used to getting from her, it’s actually no surprise. She is now over 50 years old and still in a weak frame of mind where she doesn’t think her children is worth squat. She doesn’t believe in herself so she doesn’t believe in her own children it’s hard for people who are not in my situation to believe this of a mother but it is true. She underrates her children and everyone in her path, she underrates herself. Now obviously if she wasn’t my mother ,originally, she would not be in my life.  I can try as much as I can to reason with her…etc. Since she is what she is she refuses to change for her children good and not even for her own good then there is nothing I can do about that. I have to take responsibility for my financial situation which is what I have been doing anyway eventually things will start to work out. The sooner you realize that you have to take full responsibility for your financial situation, the sooner you will start to reap the benefits of having taken responsibility.  I just have to keep on moving towards the road to Zion without her because for over 20 years she has been trying to hold her children back and this is the age group in which I am realizing who I am. I have fully opened up my eyes and realize that even though she is my mother having her in my life now is not going to contribute to me getting anywhere. You have to drop people out of your life who are setbacks to you, you only have one life, can’t waste it on weak people who can’t summon the strength to make sensible choices. Be mindful of who you choose to have in your life, because you have to live with the choices you’ve made. It might be a slow in some circumstances like the one I have now, process but it is one that is worthwhile and worth it in the end.


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